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Downloadable Version:  MJBSAConstitutionRev.114.pdf

Marysville Junior Baseball & Softball (MJBSA) Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Maryville Junior Baseball & Softball Association, “MJBSA”, an independent, non-profit, corporation.

Article II: Objective

The MJBSA is to provide the opportunity for each participant to develop their athletic skill to the fullest potential by participating in baseball/softball games that will encourage the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship as well as athletic competition.

Article III: Organization

Section A:

The immediate jurisdiction of the MJBSA shall be limited to the Marysville school district and other participating associations.

Section B:

Any team or other association desirous of being included in the schedule may do so with the approval of the MJBSA Board of Directors. Participating associations are requested to attend meetings of the MJBSA to provide input on items of common interest and must abide by the game rules of this Constitution.

Section C:

In that MJBSA goes to extensive measures to facilitate equitable distribution of the available talent pool among teams (including but not limited to: evaluations, draft, and definitions of player eligibility), beginning with the 2010 season, any baseball or softball games scheduled with affiliated organization will be played on a non-conference basis. These games will not be considered in any manner for the purposes of MJBSA regular season standings and (or) tournament seeds. This stipulation does not preclude outside leagues or organizations from using these games for their respective season standings and (or) tournament seeds if they so choose.

Section D:

Affiliated organizations are required to provide equitable contribution to the following common game activity costs and league expenses where applicable.

Player sign-up fees, fundraisers, sponsor fees and concession stand income are at the discretion of each respective organization to be used to provide equipment, uniforms, umpire fees, field maintenance, lighting, etc. at each respective playing site.

Each participating association will contribute at least their “fair-share” of playing field use for recreational league games. “Fair-share” is determined by the number of teams entered in each league from a given participating association in ratio to the total number of teams in that league. This ratio of teams should match the ratio of home field games played by a team on their sponsoring association’s playing fields.

Where applicable, common expenses will be apportioned as per league according to participation. For example, if an association sponsors 2 out of the 10 teams in a league, they would be responsible for 20% of the common expenses.

Article IV: Membership

Membership is automatically granted to the parent or legal guardian of a child enrolled in the MJBSA, or by donating time through coaching, administering or sponsoring MJBSA activities.

Article V: Board of Directors

Section A: Composition

All directors must be active members of the MJBSA. The board of directors (Board) shall be constituted as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Director of Communications, Treasurer, Ex-officio, the Director of Boys Recreational Baseball, the Commissioner of each boys recreational baseball league (one each from Tee-ball, 6U (Transitional), 8U (Midget), 10U (National), 13U (American) & 16U (Pony) Leagues), Director of Girls Recreational Softball, the Commissioner of each girls recreational Softball league (One each from 8U(E), 10U(D), 12U(C), 15U(B)), Director of Umpires.

Section B: Procurement of Directors, Elected and Non-elected

There are two types of directors, elected and non-elected.


Elected directors for the upcoming year’s activities shall be chosen by majority vote of the membership present at the MJBSA’s annual October meeting. These include the following:


Vice President


Secretary/Director of Communications

Director of Boy's Recreational Baseball

Director of Girl's Recreational Baseball


Non-Elected Directors will be chosen by the board. These include the following:


Director of Umpires

Commissioners of boys' recreational leagues (one each of the following):

Tee-ball (chosen by Director of Baseball)

6U Transitional (chosen by Director of Baseball)

8U(Midget) (chosen by Director of Baseball)

10U(National) (chosen by Director of Baseball)

13U(American) (chosen by Director of Baseball)

16U(Pony) (chosen by Director of Baseball)

Commissioners of girls’ recreational leagues (one each of the following):

8U(E League) (chosen by Director of Softball)

10U(D League) (chosen by Director of Softball)

13U(C League) (chosen by Director of Softball)

16U(B League) (chosen by Director of Softball)

Section C: Replacement of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors may be replaced in case of resignation or in the event of disciplinary expulsion. For elected Board Members and the Ex-officio, expulsion and replacement decisions require a majority approval vote by the remaining board members. For Non-Elected Board Members, expulsion and replacement decisions will be made by either the Director of Baseball or the Director of Softball, whichever applies.

Article VI: Board of Directors - Duties

Section A: President

It shall be the duty of the President:

Serve as Chairmen of the Board of Directors.

Preside at all MJBSA meetings.

Appoint chairpersons and supporting members for all committees as needed, this is subject to the ratification of the Board of Directors.

To call a board meeting as described in Article VIII, Section B.

To develop and maintain a master schedule of events of MJBSA activities.

To ensure that the constitution of the MJBSA is up to date and distributed to all board members and participating association’s Presidents.

To ensure procurement of sponsors for MJBSA sponsored teams.

Section B: Vice President

It shall be the duty of the Vice President:

Act in the absence of the president when requested by the President or in the case of an emergency.

Succeed the President in office in case of resignation.

Serve as the Chairperson of the special events committee.

Section C: Secretary/Director of Communications:

It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Director of Communications:

Maintain and distribute meeting minutes at all board meetings.

Section D: Treasurer

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer:

Serve as chairperson of the finance/legal committee.

Create and distribute a written annual financial report to the Board of Directors at the September board meeting.

Have the annual financial report reviewed and approved by the Board.

Ensure that the President, Treasurer, and Concession Stand Manager are Bonded.

Section E: Divisional Directors

The Board shall determine the duties of:

The Director of Baseball.

The Director of Softball.

Section F: Commissioners:

The Director of their respective league shall determine the duties of each league commissioner

Section G: Ex-Officio & Director of Umpires

The Board shall determine the duties of:


Director of Umpires

In the absence of these persons, see Article V, Section C, replacement of Directors.

Article VII: Board of Directors Operating Guidelines

Section A: Ethical Behavior

Each participating association will be responsible for ensuring that their respective players, Coaches, Parents, Sponsors, Fans and Board of Director members uphold the spirit of sportsmanship.

The MJBSA and each participating association will be responsible for maintaining a spirit of teamwork among associations and their representatives and supporters.

Section B: Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be scheduled at least monthly. The time and place shall be determined by the MJBSA President.

Section C: Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held whenever called by the President or the majority of the Board.

Section D: Quorum

There shall be no quorum required for any meeting of the Board of Directors provided written notices are sent to the Board members at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting date.

Article VIII: Code of Ethics

Section A: Vandalism

Defacing, destroying property or any other type of vandalism will result in the prosecution of the guilty parties to the fullest extent possible by local law enforcement.

Section B: Code of Conduct Agreement

All players, parents, coaches, umpires, and fans of the MJBSA must abide by the Code of Conduct agreement.

Section C: Undesirable Behavior

No player or coach shall show any form of open hostility.

The umpire will issue a team warning note on the umpire’s card. If it occurs again during the game, the player/coach will be ejected from that game and the player/coach will be required to attend a disciplinary hearing to determine appropriate corrective and preventative measures.

Balls and strikes are not open to question

This is an umpire’s judgment call. Player/coaches cannot argue these calls.

Umpires shall not award a game forfeit due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

The player, coach, or spectator will be ejected from the game per guidelines established in article VIII, Section B of this constitution. The umpire will note any ejection on the scorecard that will be turned in at the end of the game.

If a coach is ejected from a game

That coach must appear before the board for a disciplinary hearing. Failure to attend this meeting can result in dismissal for the coach. If the coach is found at fault, on the first offense, the board may elect to suspend the offending coach for one game. A second offence will result in immediate dismissal. This applies to all participating Associations’ coaches.

Fans can be told to leave the playing facility by the umpire.

If the umpire determines it to be necessary to maintain a sportsmanlike atmosphere, the disruptive fan will receive one warning.  The second addressing of the issue will result in the fans ejection from the playing facility. Failure to comply with an ejection order will result in enforcement by the local law enforcement.

Fans should remember that the development of players’ sense of sportsmanship is of the utmost importance. At the core of all sportsmanship is the respect for individuals! Personal attacks will not be tolerated! Cheering for your team is encouraged and highly welcomed!

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted on high school property or at any MJBSA game or practice site! Any coach violating this code of ethics will be subject to disciplinary action by the board.

The use of tobacco products in any form is strictly prohibited while in contact with our youth on the playing field. Any coach violating this code of ethics will be subject to disciplinary action by the board.

Article IX: Formal Hearings

Section A: Protests

There will be no protest of judgment calls.

All notices of protest shall be submitted by the head coach, in writing within 48 hours to their association’s president or designated person. Both of the head coaches will be notified by their respective presidents or designated person of the date that the issue will be reviewed.

Each participating association’s president or designated person and one properly certified umpire for baseball or softball, depending on the league, will convene to hear and rule on all protests. If the protest is by two MJBSA teams, there will be the president, league commissioner and a certified umpire.

It is the responsibility of the protesting coach’s president or designated person to convene the meeting of all the association’s presidents or designated persons to determine the outcome of a protest. This meeting must be scheduled within one week of notification of the protested game.

Section B: Disciplinary Hearings

Members shall include (1) designated representative (with Marysville providing 2 representatives) from each association and a designated Secretary to record the minutes of the meeting.

Procedure shall be to convene within 48 hours of an ejection of a coach, player or fan with the purpose of clarifying the facts of the incident (s), which led to the ejection, and to either uphold or reverse the decision. The board may choose to suspend further, depending on the situation. The board may also convene on serious complaints about players, coaches, fans, teams, umpires, or associations, who are in violation of the MJBSA rules/constitution (undesirable behavior) / association agreement.

It is also the boards’ responsibility to sequester any necessary person(s) to clarify these facts. (Usually the affected president, director/commissioner, along w/ the key person(s) involved)

Discipline shall be progressive, unless the act(s) involved call for stronger action:

Warning- shall be given to 1st time offenders or minor violations.

Suspension- shall be given for a 2nd violation or to be given to an ejected person(s) found guilty of the offense for which they were ejected, or found guilty of a flagrant violation of the MJBSA Rules/Constitution/Association Agreement.

Dismissal- shall be used for 3rd offenses within the same year, after a suspension within the same year, or if the offense is deemed serious enough by the board.

If the ejected/accused person (s) chooses not to attend the disciplinary hearing, they are subject to further suspension or expulsion, depending on the situation.

Participation in MJBSA league play is conditional, based on all participating teams and association’s compliance to the rulings made by the board at any aforementioned hearings.

Article X: Player Eligibility

Recreational league players geographic areas are determined by public elementary school assignment. Participants asking guidance regarding location of sign-up shall be sent to the appropriate association according to the location of residence first. Extenuating circumstances will be considered second. Players must be signed up at least one day prior to the draft date.

Article XI: Program

Section A: Player Distribution

All MJBSA sponsored team players returning to the same league will be retained on the same team as the previous year, unless an exception is requested by the parent or legal guardian.

Players new to the MJBSA sponsored teams will be placed on teams according to drafting procedures outlined in Article XI, Section C, of the MJBSA Constitution.

For all MJBSA teams fielding 9 players, the maximum quantity of players per team shall be 12.

For all MJBSA teams fielding 10 players, the maximum quantity of players per team shall be 13, except for Tee Ball.

For all MJBSA Tee Ball teams, the maximum quantity of players per team shall be 10.

All players participating in the MJBSA program will remain on their respective assigned teams during the regular season and post-season play, unless transferred by the Board of Directors.

Section B: Player Eligibility

Age & dates are for participating year.

Recreational baseball league

16U (Pony League): must be 14 to 16 years of age as of January 1st.

13U (American League): must be 11 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

10U (National League): must be 9 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

8U (Midget League): must be 7 to 8 years of age as of January 1st.

6U (Transitional League): must be 6 years of age or younger as of January 1st.  Must be evaluated annually at Player Evaluations held in mid March.

Tee-ball:  must be 4 to 6 years of age as of January 1st.

Recreational softball league

16U (B League): must be 14 to 16 years of age as of January 1st.

13U (C League): must be 11 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

10U (D League): must be 9 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

8U (E League): must be 7 to 8 years of age as of January 1st.

Section C: Player Drafting Guidelines for MJBSA

First year players for all teams will be placed in the draft.

Second year players-teams will retain their current players if they remain in the same age group.

The head coach and one assistant coach may take their own children/step-children or grand children.

Once the rosters are set, there will be no players added or removed from a roster without review and approval from the MJBSA Board of Directors.

If the board approves a player registration after the team rosters have been set, that player will be added to the next team in the order of the draft or the team with the fewest players on their roster.

Section D: Player Drafting Guidelines for MJBSA

Parents may request their child to be placed in the draft for a team other the one assigned from the previous year.

Section E: Eligibility of Player

All fees and fundraising monies must be paid in full to the MJBSA prior to the official start of the season (opening day), which is determined by the Board of Directors on a seasonal basis. Players who have not paid in full are not eligible to play or receive their uniform until they do so.

Must meet age guidelines provided in Article XI, Section B of this constitution.

Special conditions may exist where it may be deemed with board approval for some children to “play up” when additional players are needed for a team roster, or to “play down” due to medical reasons.

Players must attend a reasonable number of practices and games unless excused by the head coach of the team.

MJBSA sponsored team players must be willing to participate in programs provided by the association for the purpose of raising money or preparing fields for play. The MJBSA may not set a definite amount of work or a number of items to be sold by any player for participation in this program.

A player must not participate on any other team of the MJBSA other than the team assigned or reassigned except for “insufficient number of players for a game” guidelines. Players are assigned to one team only.

A player that chooses to “play up” as a regular player on the roster of a team in an older age group will be deemed ineligible to play in the younger age group under any circumstances (regular player or pick-up).

Eligibility for removal of a player from any team shall be determined by the Board of Directors

In that MJBSA goes through extensive measures to facilitate equitable distribution of the available talent pool among teams (including but not limited to: evaluations, draft, and definitions of player eligibility), all affiliated organizations desiring to participate in MJBSA must, to the extent possible, abide by all rules and guidelines for player eligibility and allocation and (or) work with MJBSA board members to approve similar procedures that accomplish the common purpose of fair and equitable competitive parity among teams within the league. To these ends, representatives of affiliated organizations are invited to all MJBSA registrations, evaluations, and drafts. Reciprocal invitations would in turn help to facilitate transparency in the process. The MJBSA board reserves the right to designate teams (either MJBSA or affiliated teams) that are determined to be in violation of player distribution guidelines as non-conference teams. In which case, the violating team is deemed ineligible for league trophies and any opponent’s games would not count toward league or tournament standings.

Section F: Coaching Guidelines

A coach must be at least 18 years old.

All coaches must sign and abide by the spirit of the MJBSA Coach’s Agreement.

A coach must abide by the MJBSA Constitution and playing rules.

A coach must show good sportsmanship on the field and as a spectator.

A coach must have a thorough understanding of league rules.

A coach may not trade or recruit players but shall work through the Board of Directors to acquire players.

Only the head coach may approach the umpires! In the event of the head coach’s absence, the assistant coach or other pre-determined person may fill in. The umpire must be notified who is the head coach of each team.

Coaches shall keep an accurate score book of the games or assign a responsible person to this duty. The home team shall keep the official score, checking with the opposing team each 1⁄2 inning to ensure accuracy.

Home coach is responsible to confirm proper field set-up.

Coaches may not remove a player from their roster without permission from the Board of Directors.

Coaches must consider the welfare of each player. The winning of games must be secondary.

All coaches should call their sponsors and introduce themselves.

Section G: Playing Rules

The Board must approve all playing rule changes.

The following rules will apply to the applicable Leagues:

Tee-ball, 6U (Transitional), 8U (Midget), 10U (National), 13U (American), 16U (Pony) Leagues

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules with the exceptions noted in Addendum 1 of this Constitution.

8U (E League), 10U (D League), 12U(C League), 16U (B League)

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules with the exceptions noted in Addendum 2 of this Constitution.

Section H: Playing Rules

The only personnel allowed on the field while the ball is in play are:

Offense: batter, base runner, 1 on deck batter, 1 first and 1 third base coach.

Defense: players placed in defensive playing positions.

Bull-pen: pitcher, catcher, and 1 spotter.

All other players and personnel are required to be within the dug-out area.

Section I: Game Start Times

Game start times will be established by predetermined schedules.

The visiting team will be allowed 7 minutes of warm-up followed by 7 minutes of warm-up by the home team. Immediately following the home team warm-up, the home players shall assume their defensive positions.

Warm-up periods begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the first scheduled game and immediately following the vacating of the dugout by the prior games teams.

Teams that do not begin warm-ups within their allotted time frames will have their time reduced proportionately to their delay.

Section J: Make-up Games

Make-up games shall be played on the date and time scheduled by the game logistics committee chairperson. Games shall be rescheduled for the following reasons only: weather conditions, playing field conditions or field scheduling conflicts.*

*Coaches may not change the times of the rescheduled games. If games are not played when rescheduled by the game logistics committee chairperson, both teams will receive a forfeit (loss) in the league standings.

Article XII: Changes to General and League Specific Rules

Section A:

The MJBSA reserves the right to modify and change rules as needed throughout the year. Changes will be referenced in the MJBSA’s Board of Directors meeting minutes and conveyed by memo to Coaches, Umpires, other Officials and interested persons.

Article XIII: End of the Season Tiebreaker

Section A:

If 2 or more teams are tied at the end of the regular season:

Head to head record will be used for placing.

If the head to head record is even, or no game was played, it will be considered a tie.

Placement in the tournament will be decided by coin toss.

Article XIV: MJBSA All Star Team Activity

Section A:

All-star participation will be open to MJBSA sponsored teams only. Outside associations will be responsible for sponsoring their own all star team. At the end of regular season play, 1 MJBSA all-star team may be selected from each league. Leagues participating in all-star activity will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Section B:

All leagues will have an open tryout. All players are invited to tryout. The MJBSA would like the best possible teams to represent the organization in all-star tournaments.

Section C:

The Board of Directors will pick head coaches by mid June. Guidelines for coach selection are:

The coach with the best win/loss record of the MJBSA teams.

The coach who has been observed as having displayed the best spirit of sportsmanship and dedication to their team during the regular season.

Section D:

The head coaches, once assigned, may choose their own assistants.

Section E:

The children/step/grand/etc. Of a coach are not automatically assigned. These positions are earned.

Section F:

Coaches must remember there is only one all-star team selected per league to represent the MJBSA in All-Star competition. Coaches who wish to have their own team must consider that the best players should represent Marysville first and must abide by the selection of the all-star coach. Any coach that interrupts all-star tryouts, whether at the fields or not, for their own purpose, or seeks to discredit the chosen all-star coach or recruits players for their own team from those attempting to be selected for the MJBSA all-star team, shall be immediately dismissed from coaching activities in the MJBSA.

Section G:

All-star players selected will play a minimum of 3 consecutive outs or bat one time per game. This rule is waived in the event of an injury.

All-star roster size will be limited to 13 players for teams that field 10. All-star roster will be limited to 12 players for teams that field 9.

Article XV: Recreation League Rule Amendments

Section A:

Baseball rules Addendum- see Addendum 1

Section B:

Softball rules Addendum- see Addendum 2.

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