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   Downloadable copy   MJBSA Constitution OCT23 Rev 

Marysville Junior Baseball & Softball (MJBSA) Constitution

(Revised/Updated October 2023)


Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Maryville Junior Baseball & Softball Association, “MJBSA”, an independent, non­profit, corporation.

 Section A. Nonprofit Purpose

This organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Article II: Objective

The MJBSA is to provide the opportunity for each participant to develop their athletic skill to the fullest potential by participating in baseball/softball games that will encourage the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship as well as athletic competition.

Article III: Organization

Section A:

1. The immediate jurisdiction of the MJBSA shall be limited to the cities of Marysville, Raymond, Milford Center, North Lewisburg, Broadway, Plain City and surrounding areas as well as other participating associations. 

Section B:

1. Any team or other association desirous of being included in the schedule may do so with the approval of the MJBSA Board of Directors. Participating associations are requested to attend meetings of the MJBSA to provide input on items of common interest and must abide by the game rules of this Constitution.

Section C:

1.  In that MJBSA goes to extensive measures to facilitate equitable distribution of the available talent pool among teams (including but not limited to evaluations, draft, and definitions of player eligibility).

Article IV: Membership

Membership is automatically granted to the parent or legal guardian of a child enrolled in the MJBSA, or by donating time through coaching, administering or sponsoring MJBSA activities.

Article V: Board of Directors

Section A: Composition

1.   All directors must be active members of the MJBSA. The board of directors (Board) shall be constituted as outlined in Article V, Section B.

Section B: Procurement of Members, Elected and Appointed

The board shall be made up of elected and appointed members both will have voting rights and are as outlined below.

1.   Elected members are entrusted with the confidence of the members of the association to act in the best interests of the association.

a.   Elected members for the upcoming year’s activities shall be nominated at the September regular meeting and chosen by majority vote of the membership present at the MJBSA’s annual October meeting.  These members shall serve a two-year term and shell include the following:

i.       President

ii.       Vice President

iii.       Treasurer

iv.       Secretary

v.       Director of Baseball

vi.       Director of Softball

2.    Appointed

a.   Appointed members will be chosen or reviewed yearly by the board. These include the following:

i.        Director of Umpires

ii.       Director of Communications

iii.      Sponsorship Coordinator

iv.      CORBA League representative.

v.       Umpire Scheduler

vi.      Game Scheduler

vii.     Head of Field Maintenance

viii.    Equipment Director

ix.      Commissioners of Baseball leagues appointed by MJBSA Board (one each of the following):

1.   Tee ball

2.   6U

3.   8U

4.   10U

5.   12U

x.      Commissioners of Softball leagues appointed by MJBSA Board (one each of the following):

1.  8U

2.  10U

3.  13U

4.  16U

 Section C: Replacement of Directors

1.   Members of the Board of Directors may be replaced in case of resignation or in the event of disciplinary expulsion.

2.   For elected and Appointed Board Members, expulsion and replacement decisions require a majority approval vote by the remaining board members as per Article VIII: Code of Ethics.

Article VI: Board of Directors ­ Duties

Section A: President

1.   It shall be the duty of the President to:

a.   Facilitate board meetings, set the agenda, and ensure that board members are informed and engaged in decision-making processes.

b.   To call a board meeting as described in Article VII, Section B.

c.    Ensure that the league operates in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and bylaws. Maintain the league's non-profit status and governance documents.

d.   Shall lead all investigations, inquiries, and execute disciplinary action in the event of a code of conduct violation.

e.   The president shall abstain from board votes unless in the event of a tie.

f.     Advocate for youth sports and the league's interests at the local, regional, and national levels, as appropriate.

g.   To advocate for the league within the community to attract players, sponsors, and supporters.

h.   Recruit and oversee volunteers, coaches, and other personnel. Facilitate training and support to ensure they are equipped to fulfill their roles effectively.

i.     Collaborate with the board to develop and implement a strategic plan that outlines the league's long-term objectives and priorities.


Section B: Vice President

1.   It shall be the duty of the Vice President to:

a.   Act in the absence of the president when requested by the President or in the case of an emergency.

b.   Succeed the President in office in case of resignation.

c.    Serve as the Chairperson of special events such as end of year Jamboree and board appointed committees.

d.   Assist in the development and implementation of the league's strategic plan, helping to set long-term goals and priorities.

e.   Collaborate in the development and review of league policies, ensuring they align with the league's mission and values.

f.     Shall oversee the Director of Softball and Director of Baseball.


Section C: Secretary

1.   It shall be the duty of the Secretary:

a.      Maintain meeting minutes.

b.      Keep the agenda of current meeting.

c.       Maintain the agenda during the meeting.

d.      Maintain and store all MJBSA paperwork to include Constitution, Insurance information, Grant information.  These shall be stored in the Equipment storing locker.

e.      Maintains the [email protected] email account to be a point of contact for the organization.

f.        Maintain and distribution list of current board members emails.

Section D: Treasurer

1.   It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

a.      Have the annual financial report reviewed and approved by the Board.

b.      Present an annual budget for approval by the board at the September board meeting.

c.       Present the prior months profit and loss statement at the board meeting in writing.

d.      Shall have access to all financial accounts held by and in the name of MJBSA.

e.      Shall authorize all financial accounts activities include all deposits, debits, and credits.

Section E: Divisional Directors

1.   It shall be the duty of the Directors of Baseball and Softball to:

a.      Develop and oversee all aspects of the youth baseball/softball programs offered by the league, including leagues, tournaments, clinics, and training sessions.

b.      Implement player development initiatives, such as skill-building programs, coaching clinics, and player evaluations to ensure player growth and development.

c.       Recruit, train, and support coaches and assistant coaches, including providing resources, coaching materials, and guidance on best practices.

d.      Oversee the player registration process, including player assessments, team assignments, and uniform distribution.

e.      Implement and enforce safety protocols to protect the well-being of players, including concussion awareness, first aid, and emergency response plans.

f.        Conduct player evaluations and assessments to help determine appropriate team placements and player development needs.

g.      Promote sportsmanship, fair play, and good conduct among players, coaches, and parents.

h.      Organize and manage league tournaments, including securing venues, scheduling games, and coordinating awards ceremonies.

i.        Arrange for player awards, recognition ceremonies, and end-of-season celebrations to acknowledge player achievements and contributions.

j.        Ensure that the league complies with all relevant regulations, including background checks for volunteers and adherence to league policies.

k.      Promote the league within the community to attract new players and families and develop strategies for player retention.

l.        Solicit feedback from coaches, parents, and players to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to programs and operations.

Section F: Commissioners

1.    It shall be the duty of the Commissioners to:

a.       Manage all aspects of the baseball/softball programs and operations for the specific league assigned.

b.       Coordinate the team formation process, including player evaluations, tryouts, and the drafting or assigning of players to teams.

c.        Work with the Director, other Commissioners, and Game Scheduler to create schedules for games and practices, considering field availability and logistical constraints specific to the league.

d.       Assign coaches to teams and oversee coaches and assistant coaches for the league. Provide training, support, and resources to help coaches fulfill their roles effectively.

e.       Ensure that all league activities for the designated age level comply with the appropriate baseball rules and safety standards.

f.        Implement and enforce safety protocols, including concussion awareness, first aid, and emergency response plans, to protect the well-being of players in the age group.

g.       Conduct player evaluations and assessments to determine appropriate team placements and player development needs within the league assigned to.

h.       Promote sportsmanship, fair play, and good conduct among players, coaches, and parents within the designated age group.

i.         Regularly report on the status and performance of the designated age level's programs and operations to the Director overseeing all age levels.

j.         Ensure coaches report scores of finished games and keep the standings updated for the league assigned to.

k.       Work with Coaches and Game scheduler to reschedule make-up games.

l.         Work closely with other Commissioners and league leaders to ensure a cohesive and consistent experience for all age levels within the league.

 Section G: Director of Umpires

1.    It shall be the duty of the Director of Umpires to:

a.       It shall be the duty of the Director of Umpires to:

b.       Organize umpire training sessions each season.

c.        Determine which umpires are to be placed in which roles.

d.       Hold umpire meetings as needed to keep umpires up to date on rules.

e.       Work with the Umpire Scheduler as needed.

f.        Point of contact for umpire questions or concerns.

g.       Shall have access to view the Master Schedule.

h.       Certification is preferred or adequate knowledge of baseball and softball.


Section H: Director of Communications

1.      It shall be the duty of the Director of Communications to:

a.   Upkeep of MJBSA Website.

b.  Administer all MJBSA social media platforms.

Section I: Sponsorship Coordinator

1.      It shall be the duty of the Sponsorship Coordinator to:

a.      To ensure procurement of sponsors for MJBSA sponsored teams.

b.      To ensure the ordering of uniforms for both Baseball & Softball for each season.

c.       To act as a liaison between sponsors and MJBSA.

d.      Act as the point of contact for fundraising and grants.

e.      Maintain all sponsorships documentation and records.

Section J: COBRA Representative

1.      It shall be the duty of the COBRA Representative to:

a.       Shall act as a liaison between MJBSA and COBRA.

b.      Shall act as a commissioner for all age groups that compete in COBRA.

Section K: Umpire Scheduler

1.       It shall be the duty of the Umpire Scheduler to:

a.      Assign umpires to games within the master schedule.

b.      Shall have access to edit the master schedule.

c.       Ensure umpires know when and what time their games are.

Section L: Game Scheduler

1.      It shall be the duty of the Game Scheduler to:

a.      Create and maintain the master game and practice schedule for both Baseball and Softball.

b.      Shall work with the Directors of both Baseball and Softball to create the master schedule.

c.       Shall work with the Directors of both Baseball and Softball to reschedule cancelled games.

d.      Shall share the game schedule with the Directors of Baseball and Softball.

e.      Shall procure space for games and practices for and during the season.

f.        Shall have full access to edit the master game schedule.

Section M: Field Maintenance

1.      It shall be the duty of the Head of Field Maintenance to:

a.       Set the bases and pitching rubber at the correct distances for the league that will be playing on the field.

b.      Prepare fields for play to include dragging and raking of the infields as well as filling in any depression in the infield. Chalk fields, apply field dry and conditioner to the fields to make playable if needed.

c.       Shall report the status of fields for play to the Director of Baseball and Softball in the event of weather.

d.      Shall maintain the league field equipment to include all field marking and field prep equipment i.e., gator, filed dragger, chalking machine.

e.      Maintain an inventory of field dry and conditioner to include ordering more with board approval.

Section N: Equipment Director

1.      It shall be the duty of the Equipment Director to:

a.       Shall prepare and issues equipment bags for the season to head coaches.

b.      Shall inspect and evaluate the league equipment and make recommendations to the board to replace equipment when needed.

c.       Shall order equipment when needed with board approval.

d.      Shall receive and store equipment within the league’s storage lockers.

e.      Shall collect and store equipment at the end of each season.

f.        Develop and oversee plan for both equipment issue and turn in.

In the absence of these people, see Article V, Section C, replacement of Directors.

Article VII: Board of Directors Operating Guidelines

Section A: Ethical Behavior

1.    Each participating association will be responsible for ensuring that their respective players, Coaches, Parents, Sponsors, Fans and Board of Director members uphold the spirit of sportsmanship.

2.    The MJBSA and each participating association will be responsible for maintaining a spirit of teamwork among associations and their representatives and supporters.

Section B: Regular Meetings

1.    Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be scheduled for the third Sunday of the month. The time and place shall be determined by the Board at the previous month’s meeting.  All regular meetings shall be open to the public.  The MJBSA President shall distribute the meeting agenda to the other board members by the Tuesday of the week before the meeting date. 

2.    Regular meetings can be rescheduled if the majority of the board has a conflict with the regular meeting date.  This must be brought to the attention of the board at the board meeting prior to the conflicted meeting.   A new meeting date shall then be proposed and voted on.

3.    Elected and appointed members of the board must make every attempt possible to attend regular scheduled meetings and shall be absent from regular scheduled meetings no more than five times within a year running from October to October.

4.    All MJBSA meetings shall be conducted using Robert's Rules of Order as outlined in Article XVI Section C.

Section C: Special Meetings

1.    Special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held whenever called by the President or the majority of the BoardSpecial meetings can be open or closed to the public depending on the board’s discretion based on the nature of the meeting, such as consideration of disciplinary actions.

Section D: Quorum

1.    There shall be a quorum of 4 elected members of the board at each regular meeting.  The President and/or Vice-President shall be present in the quorum.  If the President or Vice-President cannot be present at a meeting, then the meeting shall be rescheduled to the earliest date possible.

Article VIII: Code of Ethics

Section A: Vandalism

1.    Defacing, destroying property or any other type of vandalism will result in the prosecution of the guilty parties to the fullest extent possible by local law enforcement.

Section B: Code of Conduct Agreement

1.    All players, parents, coaches, umpires, and fans of the MJBSA must abide by the Code of Conduct agreement as outlined below in Section C

Section C: Undesirable Behavior

1.    No player or coach shall show any form of open hostility.

2.    The umpire will issue a team warning note on the umpire’s card. If it occurs again during the game, the player/coach will be ejected from that game and the player/coach will be required to attend a disciplinary hearing to determine appropriate corrective and preventative measures.

3.    Balls and strikes are not open to question.

4.    This is an umpire’s judgment call. Player/coaches cannot argue these calls.

5.    Umpires shall not award a game forfeit due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

6.    The player, coach, or spectator will be ejected from the game per guidelines established in article VIII, Section B of this constitution. The umpire will note any ejection on the scorecard that will be turned in at the end of the game.

7.    If a coach is ejected from a game

8.    That coach must appear before the board for a disciplinary hearing. Failure to attend this meeting can result in the dismissal of the coach. If the coach is found at fault, on the first offense, the board may elect to suspend the offending coach for one game. A second offence will result in immediate dismissal. This applies to all participating Associations’ coaches.

9.    Fans can be told to leave the playing facility by the umpire.

10. If the umpire determines it to be necessary to maintain a sportsmanlike atmosphere, the disruptive fan will receive one warning. The second addressing of the issue will result in the fans ejection from the playing facility. Failure to comply with an ejection order will result in enforcement by the local law enforcement.

11.  Fans should remember that the development of players’ sense of sportsmanship is of the utmost importance. At the core of all sportsmanship is the respect for individuals! Personal attacks will not be tolerated! Cheering for your team is encouraged and highly welcomed!

12.  Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or use of tobacco products in any form are permitted on high school property or at any MJBSA game or practice site! Anyone violating this code of ethics will be subject to disciplinary action by the board.

Article IX: Formal Hearings

Section A: Protests

1.    There will be no protest of judgment calls.

2.    All notices of protest shall be submitted by the head coach, in writing within 48 hours to their league commissioner. Both head coaches will be notified by the commissioner of the date that the issue will be reviewed.

3.    Each participating association’s president or designated person and the umpire supervisor for the league, will convene to hear and rule on all protests.

Section B: Disciplinary Hearings

1.   The President shall lead all investigations, inquiries, and execute disciplinary action in the event of a code of conduct violation.

2.    The President shall present their findings to the other five elected members of the board.

3.    Discipline shall be progressive, unless the act(s) involved call for stronger action:

a.      Warning ­ shall be given for minor violations.

b.      1st Violation ­ Suspension for 1 - 3 games depending on severity.

c.       2nd Violation ­

•        Coach will step down to a lesser position or from coaching.

•        Board Member will leave Board Position.

•        Players will be suspended for two weeks.

d.      3rd Violation – Suspension from MJBSA for the remainder of the year.


Article X: Program

Section A: Player Distribution

1.    All MJBSA sponsored team players returning to the same league will be retained on the same team as the previous year unless an exception is requested by the parent or legal guardian.

2.    Players new to the MJBSA sponsored teams will be placed on teams according to drafting procedures outlined in Article XI, Section C, of the MJBSA Constitution.

3.    For all MJBSA teams fielding 9 players, the maximum quantity of players per team shall be 12.

4.    For all MJBSA teams fielding 10 players, the maximum quantity of players per team shall be 13, except for Tee Ball.

5.    For all MJBSA Tee Ball teams, the maximum number of players per team shall be 11.

6.    All players participating in the MJBSA program will remain on their respective assigned teams during the regular season and post­season play, unless transferred by the Board of Directors.

Section B: Player Age Eligibility

1.    Age & dates are for participating year.

2.    Recreational baseball league

a.   18U must be 17 to 18 years of age as of January 1st.

b.   16U must be 14 to 16 years of age as of January 1st.

c.   14U must be 13 to 14 years of age as of January 1st.

d.   12U must be 11 to 12 years of age as of January 1st.

e.   10U must be 9 to 10 years of age as of January 1st.

f.    8U must be 7 to 8 years of age as of January 1st.

g.  6U must be 6 years of age or younger as of January 1st.

h.  Tee ball: must be 4 to 6 years of age as of January 1st.

3.    Recreational softball league

a.   16U must be 14 to 16 years of age as of January 1st.

b.   13U must be 11 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

c.   10U must be 9 to 13 years of age as of January 1st.

d.   8U must be 7 to 8 years of age as of January 1st.

Section C: Player Drafting Guidelines for MJBSA

1.    First year players for all age groups/league will be placed in the draft.

2.    Each division (except Tee-ball and 6U) will hold a player evaluation where each player will go through a series of basic drills (running, throwing, fielding grounders, fly-balls, hitting, etc.). All coaches of the respective division will independently assess player skills to be used to prioritize their draft order.

3.    Players who do not attend the evaluation will be placed into a blind draft.

4.    Players return to the same age group/league can return to the team they played on in the previous season if:

a.      They remain in the same age group/league.

b.      The head coach from the previous season is returning as a head coach for the current season in that same age group/league.

c.       The Assistant coach from the previous team is filling a head coaching role in the current season and the former head coach is not coaching in that age group/league.

d.      The Parents request their child to be placed on a team that meets either b or c of Article XI, Section C, 4.

5.      Players returning to the same league are NOT required to return to the same team. At parent request, players may re-enter the draft to be assigned to another team. It is particularly important for these players to attempt to attend the evaluation if possible. Coaches will typically respect parent’s wishes and will not intentionally redraft these players. However, there is a random chance in a blind draft that could place the player back on the same team.

6.      Players shall be drafted in accordance with MJBSA Player Draft Policy and Procedures as outlined in Article XVI Section D by coaches after evaluations.

7.    The head coach and one assistant coach may take their own children/step­children or grandchildren.

8.    Once the rosters are set, there will be no players added or removed from a roster without review and approval from the MJBSA Board of Directors.

9.    If the board approves a player registration after the team rosters have been set, that player will be added to the next team in the order of the draft or the team with the fewest players on their roster.

Section D: Eligibility of Player

1.    All fees and fundraising monies must be paid in full to the MJBSA prior to the official start of the season (opening day), which is determined by the Board of Directors on a seasonal basis.  Players who have not paid in full are not eligible to play or receive their uniform until they do so.

2.    Must meet age guidelines provided in Article XI, Section B of this constitution.

3.    Special conditions may exist where it may be deemed with board approval for some children to “play up” when additional players are needed for a team roster, or to “play down” due to medical reasons.

4.    Players must attend a reasonable number of practices and games unless excused by the head coach of the team.

5.    MJBSA sponsored team players must be willing to participate in programs provided by the association for the purpose of raising money or preparing fields for play. The MJBSA may not set a definite amount of work or number of items to be sold by any player for participation in this program.

6.    A player must not participate on any other team of the MJBSA other than the team assigned or reassigned except for “insufficient number of players for a game” guidelines. Players are assigned to one team only.

7.    A player that chooses to “play up” as a regular player on the roster of a team in an older age group will be deemed ineligible to play in the younger age group under any circumstances (regular player or pick­up).

8.    Eligibility for removal of a player from any team shall be determined by the Board of Directors

9.    In that MJBSA goes through extensive measures to facilitate equitable distribution of the available talent pool among teams (including but not limited to: evaluations, draft, and definitions of player eligibility), all affiliated organizations desiring to participate in MJBSA must, to the extent possible, abide by all rules and guidelines for player eligibility and allocation and (or) work with MJBSA board members to approve similar procedures that accomplish the common purpose of fair and equitable competitive parity among teams within the league. To these ends, representatives of affiliated organizations are invited to all MJBSA registrations, evaluations, and drafts. Reciprocal invitations would in turn help to facilitate transparency in the process. The MJBSA board reserves the right to designate teams (either MJBSA or affiliated teams) that are determined to be in violation of player distribution guidelines as non­conference teams. In which case, the violating team is deemed ineligible for league trophies and any opponent’s games would not count toward league or tournament standings.

Section F: Coaching Guidelines

1.    A coach must be at least 18 years old.

2.    All coaches must sign and abide by the spirit of the MJBSA Coach’s Agreement.

3.    A coach must abide by the MJBSA Constitution and playing rules.

4.    A coach must show good sportsmanship on the field and as a spectator.

5.    A coach must have a thorough understanding of league rules.

6.    A coach may not trade or recruit players but shall work through the Board of Directors to acquire players.

7.    Only the head coach may approach the umpires. In the event of the head coach’s absence, the assistant coach or other pre­determined person may fill in. The umpire must be notified who is the head coach of each team.

8.    Coaches shall keep an accurate score book of the games or assign a responsible person to this duty. The home team shall keep the official score, checking with the opposing team every 1⁄2 inning to ensure accuracy.

9.    Home coach is responsible to confirm proper field set­up.

10.  Coaches may not remove a player from their roster without permission from the Board of Directors.

11.  Coaches must consider the welfare of each player. The winning of games must be secondary.

Section G: Playing Rules

1.    The Board must approve all playing rule changes.

2.    The following rules will apply to the applicable Leagues:

a.    Tee ball,6U,8U,10U,12U,14U,16U, and 18U

i.    Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules with the exceptions noted in Addendum 1 of this Constitution.

b.    8U,10U,12U,16U

i.    Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules with the exceptions noted in Addendum 2 of this Constitution.

Section H: Umpires

1.   Must be 12 years of age or older as of January 1st.

2.   Must sign up through the MJBSA website.

3.   Anyone older must pass a background check.

4.   Must go through MJSBA baseball and softball umpire training.

5.   Compensation is based on experience.

6.   MJBSA will help facilitate gaining umpires certification of desired.


Section J: Make­up Games

1.   Make­up games shall be played on the date and time scheduled by the game scheduler and head coaches from each team. Games shall be rescheduled for the following reasons only: weather conditions, playing field conditions or field scheduling conflicts.

a.   Coaches may not change the times of the rescheduled games.

b.   If games are not played when rescheduled by the game scheduler, a forfeit (loss) could be assessed in the league standings.

Article XII: Changes to General and League Specific Rules

Section A:

1.   The MJBSA reserves the right to modify and change rules as needed throughout the year. Changes will be referenced in the MJBSA’s Board of Directors meeting minutes and conveyed by memo to Coaches, Umpires, other Officials and interested persons.

Article XIII: End of the Season Tiebreaker

Section A:

1.   If 2 or more teams are tied at the end of the regular season:

a.   1st tie breaker is Head-to-head record will be used for placing.

b.   2nd Tie breaker Placement in the tournament will be decided by coin toss.

Article XIV:  Affiliated Organizations

Section A:

1.   MJBSA will work with affiliated organizations that align the missions, goals, and objectives of the league as stated in Article II.

2.   Any agreements between an affiliated organization and MJBSA shall be in writing and approved by the board of both organizations.

Article XV: Addendums

1.   Baseball rules Addendum­ see Addendum 1

2.    Softball rules Addendum­ see Addendum 2.

3.    Robert's Rules of Order- see Addendum 3.

4.   MJBSA Player Draft Policy & Procedures – see Addendum 4.


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